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Not Your Average Couple: Mom And Dad Have Over 65 Kids (+podcast)

Saturday, November 10, 2018

VAN BUREN, Mo. (Air1 News – by Tim Luttrell) – A married couple felt called by God to become foster parents. In the 22 years that followed they’ve helped more than 65 kids stuck in tough situations.

Pastor Ron and Terri Robinson wanted to be parents but ran into hurdles almost immediately. Terri got pregnant a few months after they were married. Doctor’s then discovered a lump on her leg that turned out to be bone cancer. They induced her labor at 8 months, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. They then amputated her leg and she went through rounds of chemotherapy to fight off the cancer.

Doctors were concerned that she may only have 6 months to live. The aggressive approach they took worked, but they believed it left her with little chance of ever having another child. One month later she was once again pregnant. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl. But in a sad repeat of history, doctors found cancer again, this time in her lungs. Another round of chemotherapy was successful, but Teri wouldn’t be able to get pregnant again.

The couple still desired to have kids. Terri approached Ron and said she felt God was calling them to become foster parents. Over the course of the next 22 years they helped more than 65 kids, specializing in helping kids with special needs. Terri tells Baptist Press it’s cool to see a special need child take steps most of us take for granted. She says developmental milestones with special needs kid “don't necessarily happen in the order or time frame we think they're supposed to."

They fostered many kids but hadn’t considered adoption until McKenzie came into their lives. She lived with the Robinson’s for 2 years as a foster child when her biological mom suddenly disappeared. Ron and Terri prayed about it, and then officially adopted McKenzie. Later, her mom reappeared pregnant with another child. She left the hospital after giving birth, abandoning the newborn baby. The Robinson’s adopted him as well, naming him Jedidiah.

The couple has since adopted two more kids, Jessie, a baby born premature who doctors said would never walk or crawl. And Johari, a child with down syndrome whose communication skills were so poor she’d curl up in a ball and start rocking and chanting to herself if anyone touched her. The couple believes in God’s ability to work miracles and three years later young Jessie walked back in to the doctor’s office, brining tears everyone’s eyes. And while Johari still doesn’t speak, she has developed none verbal skills, which includes grabbing Ron’s hand and leading him to the things that she needs.

Ron spent 20 years preaching about how Christians have been adopted into God’s family, but didn’t fully understand what that meant until he adopted a child. Ron says he and Terri believe each child is special. Their job is to “love them, provide safety for them, care for them, and protect them."


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