Student Leaders Renovating Food Truck To Feed Fellow Homeless, Hungry Students (+podcast)

Sunday, November 04, 2018

(Air1 News – by Monika Kelly)—When student leadership in this Kentucky school district realized there were hundreds of hungry and homeless kids right on their own campus, several young student senators came up with an innovative way to help. The idea for a food truck was born. A special thanks to WOWK-TV for this story.

More than 300 young people with the Ashland Independent School District don’t have a permanent address, and even more rely on free or reduced cost breakfasts and lunches.

While these young people can eat during the week thanks to various programs, the Ashland Student Senate noticed an untouched gap—the weekends and school breaks. Gavin Coutour and Cassie Stevens, two members of the student senate, came up with the idea of renovating the district’s existing box truck to bring food directly to hungry students on days when school is not in session.

Kelly Heishman, a teacher at Paul G. Blazer High School, emphasized the need for each child to feel nourished, saying “We know that hunger impacts student learning. If a child comes to school hungry, it’s going to impair their ability to learn and succeed, so we know this is a huge need in our community.”

Heishman encouraged the Student Senate to put their food truck idea into action by applying for a Community Challenge Grant. Recently, the Kentucky Valley Educational Coop announced that Ashland Independent School District won the $10,000 grant.

The student group wants to create a fully-functioning food truck with the ability to cook and serve hot, fresh meals. The group also has plans to wrap the vehicle with an art design from the district’s art students. They also want to install a concession window and a kitchen.

Ultimately, the group wants to not only make sure their district’s hungry and homeless kids are fed, but also raise awareness in the community about the need. They hope to have the truck on the road by April of 2019.


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