"I remember looking in front of me and seeing just this guy that looked like he was a pretty tough dude ... when you looked at his face there's tears and a flood of emotions, and joy and peace." - Phil Wickham

In this Behind the Music, Phil Wickham reveals the moment that inspired his new song "Till I Found You": 

"I searched through the Earth for something that could satisfy
A peace for the hurt I had buried deep inside
Knees on the floor, I finally found everything I needed
You lifted my soul and opened up my eyes

I never knew anything lasts forever
Till I found You, till I found You
I never dreamed anything could be better
Till I found You, till I found You"
-- Lyrics from "Till I Found You" by Phil Wickham

Now that you know the song story - we won't leave you hanging, listen to all the lyrics while watching the Official Music Video for "Till I Found You":