Danny Gokey's new song "If You Ain't In It" has a soulful vibe and upbeat energy that makes it hard to keep from moving, so why fight it?

Go ahead! Clap your hands and tap your feet along with this fun rendition of "If You Ain't In It"  LIVE at the Air1 studios:

Woven within the song's lyrics are honest truths about what life is like without Jesus in the mix, here's a sampling:


"Here is my confession
I'm a man of imperfection
And my heart can go off chasin' empty things
But You keep runnin' toward me
Yeah 'cause You know what's best for me
And You know You are the only one I need

Oh I don't wanna have it, all
I don't wanna have it, all
If You ain't in it

I don't wanna have it all
Write my story any way I want
Everything will just fall apart
If You ain't in it (if You ain't in it)" 
- Lyrics for "If You Ain't In It" by Danny Gokey