Chris Tomlin and Pat Barrett stand on a small platform in the children's section of a local bookstore talking about a project they are passionate about, their new children's book - Good Good Father.

"Don't tell anybody," Chris says. "But, I think I've had more fun writing this book than making my music!" His words ring with an air of confidentiality and fun. 

Taking a seat, the guys chuckle as they acknowledge it's a different stage and backdrop than they are used to. And, looking up at them are some of their youngest fans - including Chris' two daughters. Reaching for a chair, Chris asks the children if they are ready for him to read to them.

The answer is a resounding 'Yes!'

So, while Pat shows the children the pictures, Chris reads the story they've crafted. A precious tale about Tucker the bear, his friends and what Tucker learns along the way as he takes a journey to see the King. It's Chris and Pat's first children's book together and they have high hopes for the message it shares...

“God being a Father, first and foremost, is massive and a game changer and, for a kid to understand that is so powerful,” Chris says. “What defines you the most is that you are a son of God and you are a daughter of God and you're loved by a perfect Father ... that's what Pat and I really want for our own kids to know and for your kids to know.”

Check out this Facebook Live video of the event that Chris posted:

According to Chris these lyrics at the beginning of his song Good Good Father are the inspiration behind the book:

"Oh, I've heard a thousand stories
Of what they think You're like."

Tony Brown and Pat Barrett wrote the song and Chris' wife, Lauren, recommended it to Chris. The story behind the song is inspiring, to hear Pat and Chris talk about it >>> click here <<<