Colton Dixon's new song 'Through All Of It' is about finding hope during difficult and confusing times. Recently, Colton put together a touching video that invites us to learn more about Colton's life and the lives of three of his closest friends. Each one shares their story of God's faithfulness - through all of it.

  • Mike Dixon reflects on watching his father struggle with Parkinson's.
  • Teresa Dixon talks about what it was like to see her son wooed by the culture.
  • Jared Martin, guitarist, shares about a time when he wondered if life was even worth living.


"Pride was seeping in from all this attention. It took going to God and saying, 'Hey, I can't take on all this. Help me find a way to reflect this or take it away even, cause I can't deal with it.'" - Colton Dixon



Watch more stories, woven in with the song 'Through All Of It,' here: