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  • UNITED performs "Wonder" on TODAY

    Tuesday, June 20, 2017

    "I see the world your way
     And I'm not afraid to follow
     I see the world your way
     And I'm not ashamed to say so
     I see the Jesus way
     And I'm walking in the light."

                        - Lyrics from "Wonder"

    When talking about the song "Wonder" UNITED's Joel Houston says, "I want to look at the world like a kid again." Check out UNITED performing "Wonder" on the TODAY show: 

     To learn more about the band and the story behind the song "Wonder" click here >>>


    What do Chris Tomlin and Switchfoot's Chad Butler have in common this Father's Day?

    Saturday, June 17, 2017
    This is my musical bloodline, this is the heritage that I bring to my kids, this is my family's adventure, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
    -Chad Butler, Switchfoot

    Both Chris Tomlin and Chad Butler (Switchfoot) learned about music from their dads and, just before Father's Day, they each talk about their dad's impact on their future careers >>> 

    In this video, we get to see pictures of Chad on road trips with his dad's band and watch as things come full-circle when he shows his father around Switchfoot's SoCal studio:

    Next, Chris Tomlin and his wife, Lauren, reveal what they've learned from their fathers and share a cool story about how Chris' dad encouraged him as he considered going into music as a career:

    “Maybe you've had a great dad, or maybe you've not had a great dad. Or, maybe you don't even know your dad. But, I hope you know on this Father's Day weekend ...  that you are loved by a good, perfect Father.” - Chris Tomlin