• Stars Go Dim - Heaven On Earth Lyrics

    From the album Heaven On Earth (Single)

    I've been asleep, head in the sand
    Watching the time just ticking
    Clock runs around, days in and out
    Can't really call it living

    Somewhere I let light go dark
    But here's where my new story starts

    Take my life and let it be
    Set on fire for all to see
    Break me down, build me up again
    Don't leave me the way I've been
    Take my heart into your hands
    Come and finish what you began
    'til I seek your kingdom first
    'til I shine, shine
    Like heaven on earth
    Like heaven on earth

    I want to wake, I want to see
    All of the ways You're moving
    Show me the need, 'cause I wanna be
    a part of what You're doing

    In my heart let kingdom come
    Not my will but Yours be done

    Help me move when I should move
    Help me rest when I should rest
    Help me give what I should give
    All of me, nothing less
    Help me speak with grace and truth
    Help me fight for those who can't
    Help me love the way You love
    Never holding nothing back

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    Writer(s): Jeff Pardo, Chris Cleveland