Growing up, Matthew West wanted to be a professional baseball player and was even hoping to play in college. Instead, West was offered a four-year music scholarship to Millikan University, accepting the scholarship dramatically changed the course of his life, forever.

After entering a songwriting competition at a GMA Music in the Rockies event, Matthew made it to the finals and was offered a songwriting deal. From there, the singer began writing songs for high profile artists such as Rachel Lampa, Billy Ray Cyrus, Natalie Grant, and Rascal Flats. The rest is history.

Matt released his first full-length album Happy in 2003, featuring the song “More,” and followed that with History in 2005, which included the song, “Next Thing You Know.” 

In 2007, Matt suffered a career-threatening event, after experiencing some vocal fatigue. Doctors discovered his vocal cords were hemorrhaging, and he required surgery. After two months of vocal rest, Matt made a full recovery and released the album Something To Say, in 2008, and The Story of Your Life in 2010- an album written in response to thousands of stories sent to Matt by his fans. “The first day, I got 1,000 stories. All of a sudden, I was like, 'holy cow, something special is about to take place,” he explains. “I rented a cabin in Tennessee that was about 25 minutes from my house that felt like it was out in the middle of nowhere. And I spent two months in that cabin reading 10,000 stories.” 

Into The Light (2012) followed in the footsteps of The Story Of Your Life. The songs were inspired by people's stories about everything from drug addiction, domestic violence, and forgiveness. “The stories that have touched my heart the most, are the ones of people saying, 'You know what, I don't have it all together, I'm not perfect, I'm broken.'” Matthew says. “And yet we see the beauty of a stained glass window...nobody looks at a stained glass window and goes 'Oh man what an ugly window, its all broken!' No they say 'Look how beautiful that is when the light shines through it.'”

With Matthew's single, "Day One," off his album Live Forever (April 2015), he continued sharing the stories he's received through song. While reading, he started to notice that many of the stories included a count of days they'd been sober, or hadn't smoked, or ... fill in the blank. It was something he was familiar with in his own life. He also knew, when the 'days since count' ended, guilt would often set in. Then Matt read Lamentations 3:23: “His mercies never end, they are new every morning” and he realized “My counting of consecutive sinless days is something I don't have to be owned by anymore. So whether you're on a winning streak or a losing streak, God's not concerned about that. He's giving you an opportunity to start over, today is day one.” 

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