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    NOT ALL Air1 Events will be announced On-Air. 4-6 weeks lead time required.
    On-Air Announcements must meet ALL of the following:
    Event takes place ON OR AFTER 1/27/2019 (6 weeks from today's date)
    Event is 100% FREE to attend, no hidden fees, love offerings, or donations
    Event is Sponsored by a Non Profit organization
    Event supports Air1's ministry or mission

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    Air1 makes all final decisions regarding the placement of events on our Website Calendar and for On-air Announcements. Air1 reserves the right to refuse any event deemed inappropriate or lacking general interest to our listeners. Air1 also reserves the right to edit submitted information for content or space purposes. Submissions are for events only (concerts, conferences, special church events and activities, etc.) and must be submitted four weeks in advance.