grass is greener

Whens the last time you wanted something someone else had? Their job? Their lifestyle? Their relationships? The Bible is pretty clear about 'thou shalt not covet' (a little thing I like to remember by saying love it ...just don't covet!) but its just so human of us to see other peoples lives and think they have it better than us. Comparison is the thief of joy but it happens regularly (at least in my own life #RealTalk) We buy into the notion that the grass is greener on the other side. But the truth is the grass is greener where you water it!!

Simple enough but what does look like in our everyday lives?! If we're envious of someones relationships-lets start BEING the kind of significant other or friend that we want. If we're envious of someones exciting lifestyle? Lets look for the excitement in our own day. It doesnt have to look like anyone elses story because its not-its yours!!

So what area of your life could use some extra watering today?? I'm grabbing the canister now