“How on earth are you going to use lilttle ole me? I don't even have anything to offer.”

Have you ever thought that before? Insecurity is a rude liar, yet many of us have a hard time not believing it. So can you imagine being homeless and all you have left to your name is $20? A woman approaches you, in need of help. She's run out of gas, has no cash, and needs to get back on the road. What do you do? Johnny said "Lets go," and walked that woman to the closest gas station, using that last $20 he had to buy the woman's gas. This is real life! He used what little he had (which was actually EVERYTHING he had) to help a stranger. Kate was so touched by his kindness that she set up a fundraising site hoping to thank him. That site ended up raising enough money for Johnny to buy a home (audible sigh).

We may not feel like we have much to offer, and we may want to hold onto what little we do have, but what if that is the very thing God wants to use to bless you and someone else? He just needs to see that you trust Him. I want to be better about that…being faithful with the small stuff and trusting Him with the big picture!