It is one of the worst feelings in the world, that feeling of being alone, isolated and abandoned. When was the last time you felt that way? It usually seems to be associated with some kind of trial or huge frustrating life event right? Just this last weekend, in a car full of my friends, I was feeling all of those emotions. I have been really going through the ringer in so many areas of life, and I just felt like God was not there in the midst of it, and then a friend said something that changed my whole perspective.

It's amazing how one little phrase can bring healing and hope to what feels like a dire situation, "the teacher is silent during the test'. All the sudden stuff just clicked! Our life is the classroom where we learn how to use the tools God has given us, how to overcome trials and temptations and how to stay strong! But comes...the test. Now we see just how well we paid attention. The teacher is still there in the room, watching over you and if it gets too bad, they can pull you out, but they are silent. This is your test.

If you've been feeling like God is being silent in your life and everything seems to be falling apart, maybe it has more to do with using the tools and knowledge God has already given us to pass this 'test' so we can move on to the next 'chapter'. If we don't pass it just means we have to take the test again later because if we can't handle 'this' how are we ever going to handle something harder? 

Food for thought if you've been feeling the same way I have lately. No test is fun, or easy, but we are also NEVER alone in the test even if it feels that way! - Mike