My husband and I have completely different styles when it comes to accomplishing things. He sees one task...does over. 
I see one task...start it, start another one...pick up in the middle of another one...get distracted...come back...finish the first project then finish 3 other things...and I'm still going...
He gets so frustrated with me b/c I start cleaning the kitchen and by the end the kitchen is ALMOST done but I have also organized the hall closet, done a load of laundry, got the mail and vacuumed the steps. :) 

He asked me to tell him what goes on in my brain. I never really tracked it. I just thought, I am what I am. :) Have you ever done this? You should. Track every thought that pops into your head for 60 minutes. It is CRAZY. Especially if you have the kind of brain I do. Here's what I wrote. (ps...forgive my love of reality tv...I'm working on purging it all from my life...) :) 

6pm-7pm Yesterday (5/24) - All while trying to make dinner. 

- The downstairs toilet needs to be plunged. - didn't plunge it. 
- Why do I always have to plunge the toilet? Are the other members of my family incapable? - answer...yes. 
- (daughter yells for me) Where is my daughter? Is she upstairs? Do I have to go upstairs? (spoiler alert: I did) 

- Where's my phone cord I'm at 2% juice - went and got phone cord 
- Are we out of butter? (we were - after searching my messy fridge for 5 minutes) 
- Do I need butter with stir fry? (checks google...nope..we are good - waste of 5 minutes) 
- Rice is started and meat is defrosting and we have no onions...I send my son to get an onion at the store (child labor) 
- (daughter calls for me again) I still haven't plunged the toilet...ugh...she can't reach her to the rescue 

- now she wants to read a book. 1 quick book. How can you say no to "Are you my Mother?" Best book ever. 

- check the laundry...put the clothes in the dryer. 
- there is another basket of clothes I'm not sure if it's dirty or clean...I have to smell it. great. it's dirty. 
- back downstairs where I forgot to check the rice...I'm burning it. Not unusual for me 
- The stir fry pan is I'm washing it. 
- Did I tape Southern Charm? 
- You should really stop watching Southern Charm, Mandy. (I should) 

- Son calls...can he buy a bag of doritos too? No! 1 Onion and come home... :) 
- Toilet is still not plunged...I have to plunge it....but not now b/c I have to chop up veggies. 
- (5 year old wants to know if dinosaurs are real...b/c Luke at school says there are 2 still roaming California. Great. This turns into a  much longer discussion than I wanted it to...she is VERY freaked out. Thanks Luke. :) )
- Veggies are chopped...toilet is still not plunged. 
-Where's the meat? It takes me 3-4 minutes to find it. It's in the microwave. the timer has been going off and I never connected the two. :) 

That's 1 hour.  I showed it to my husband. He said - that's 1 day or 1 hour!?!? :)  

For all of us that feel tired at the end of the day...look at all you do. Even if you never plunge the toilet. 

You deserve a rest this weekend...