Have you ever had to get ready in the dark? It's hard!! I get up before my husband and quite often I am tripping over clothes and I hit our scale in the bathroom almost every morning!!! :) but when the lights come on, you see everything so clearly. 


The past few months for our family have felt like trying to get ready in the dark...It wasn't anything earth shattering...life was just moving faster than we could keep up with. My husband and I both felt like we were not succeeding anywhere - not as a married couple, employees, parents, neighbors, sons and daughters, housekeepers...nothing :) It seemed like every step we took forward - we were pushed back by this force stronger than we were...but we kept moving - even though it was exhausting.

About a week ago, the light started to come back on...not a flood light...but one of those side table lights where it illuminates the room just enough to see things around you. It was a chance for us to breathe. 

I was driving to work this morning and thinking about the last few months...I might have started crying a little bit :) I said out loud to God, "Thank you for helping us through these last few months...thank you for not abandoning us to fend for ourselves." 

If you feel like you are getting ready in the dark today...it can be hard to remember what the light looks and feels like. I get that....You may think...I"ll never see light again, I'm sure of it. Here's what I want to you to remember. God's not leaving you. He is not abandoning you. The darkness may feel heavy, and you may fear what you can't see, but God will hold your hand the whole way. When the light come back on...you will see how he guided you through every moment.  

I am in no way perfect...you should see my house right now. :) My little victories are often overshadowed by bigger failures...but THIS I do know...knowing someone is with you in the dark...makes it more manageable. That's why you never go play hide and go seek in the dark without a partner...everybody knows that :) Having someone hold your hand makes the darkness less scary. Let God do that for you today.