Your head will start itching in 3...2....1. 


So, yesterday was interesting. 

My daughter's class has had an outbreak of lice this year and the last few times we made it through unscathed. (praise Jesus) 

This time...not so much. 

I was SUPER surprised when I asked around in the many people have had it or their kids had it. Oh, and everybody made the same face and noise...scrunched up face and the sound of UGHHHH in real life :) 

I should also mention my daughter has long thick thick thick curly hair....and she wouldn't let me shave it off (hey...worth a shot)
I put a picture of her below outside her happier days...when there weren't bugs everywhere :)   

I learned so much about lice, did you know that there is a Head Lice center of America? Yep. lots of them :) 

So...if you have dealt with a sister out. What is the BEST thing you do to make sure it doesn't come back? What's your lice advice? 

Are you scratching your head? I am. :)