Does anybody like waiting? Anybody? 
There may be people who are better at it than others :) but I dare say most of us struggle with all forms. 

Maybe you are at a point in your life where you are waiting. 
Waiting for test results 
Waiting for a phone call 
Waiting for a text from a boy you like
Waiting for God to answer your prayers....

If you are in a season of waiting it is easy to feel like God has you on an island. It is easy to feel like you are alone and nothing will work out and all hope is lost...I know this because I have been where you may be today.  I am there right now! 

I saw this the other day and want to share it with is one of those things I want to memorize and repeat to myself on an daily basis. I hope it is a reminder that you are never alone - even if it feels like life is at a standstill.