Piggy Bank

I need your help! Actually, Chloe needs your help...but I told her I would ask you. :) 

What is your favorite/best budget advice or app to get financial healthy in 2018? 

Chloe sent me this note: 

Hi Mandy! 

Can you help me? I'm figuring you know people who know people in the financial world (SIDE NOTE: She's wrong...I know no one :) ) 
My husband and I are getting ready to have baby number 2 in 2018 and we are realizing that a budget is desperately needed. 
Do you have a favorite budget technique or app that you use? Do you know of one that works best for keeping a family of 4 on task? 
I know of Dave Ramsey, but that is really it. Any ideas? 

Thank you!!!

Chloe (I blanked out her last name...safety first!) :) 

So!!! Here is where you come in...what is your favorite budget app or plan? Single, married...family of 4 or 8 or whatever...what works best for you?