What is currently stealing your happiness? Maybe you can't pinpoint it or maybe it's obvious to anyone from a million miles away...but you may find the answer in the article attached. It's good y'all. 

I am 105% guilty of complaining. Sometimes I do it with humor because I feel like that tempers it a little bit for whatever reason. It doesn't for the record. :) Sometimes I complain because it's easy...or because every one else is doing it...but it doesn't make it right....and it is a total happiness stealer. 

Maybe complaining isn't your achilles heal...maybe you can relate to one of the others on the list. Have you had little victories with any of these? I would love to know the what and how as I struggle to do the same in this new year. What I love about this article is it gives you answers on how to turn yourself around... enjoy :) 

5 Habits That Sabotage Joy