• The Magic Word

    Tuesday, February 20, 2018


    First of all...this is me...every day. I don't love exercising...I don't hate it, but it can be a struggle to get up the energy/will power to tackle it. 

    When I first read that there was a magic word that would help you push past your excuses, I thought, really? Do you know how many excuses I have? Like, a million...plus a few. Then I read the word. I've thought about it all day and now I get it. It took me a minute to figure it out...but I got it.
    Fine :) The word is...NEVERTHELESS. Experts say this word can you help push past your excuses. Why? Good question...
    Nevertheless lets you talk to your excuses and come up with a different reason that can propel you to a better result.  Example: 

    I don't really feel like working out today, my favorite leggings are in the wash NEVERTHELESS I know I'll feel better if I do so I'll wear my back up pair and get this done. 

    Working for you? Yeah...me neither. At least, not at first. I'm not sure it will ever help me with exercising but here is where I think it can help...at least for me. Maybe for you it can help with productivity or organization...I'm thinking stress. Example:

    I'm stressed and I want to eat 2 ice cream sandwiches b/c that's my go to NEVERTHELESS I'll find a different way to deal with my stress because that won't really help. 

    I can get down with that. I love the word nevertheless ...I get the heart behind it and I'm not sure it's magic :) but I'll remember it next time I'm ready to pull out an excuse. 

    The Magic Word for Exercise 

    Knitting the Stress Away

    Monday, February 19, 2018

    Taking a quick poll.... 

    What do you do (besides prayer...b/c that should be first...obvs) to combat stress? I was told recently that I need to work on that because I have some not so healthy ways of coping. (ie: eating ice cream sandwiches and getting easily frustrated) :) 

    I saw what the Finnish Olympic team was doing during the Winter Olympics and I fell in love...the pictures put it over the top...you can peep them with the link below. They're knitting! :) It made me wonder...what is your favorite stress reliever? Please let me know in the comments and I'll share some on the air. 

    Knitting the stress away


    Weekend Fun

    Friday, February 16, 2018

    We all need something a little lighthearted this weekend. This makes me smile. 

    I would never do this because I don't like being in pictures and I'm awkward as all get out...BUT...I loved looking at other people doing this. It's priceless...and it's better than the crazies eating Tide pods...seriously...why?! 

    The Hobby Lobby Challenge!! 

    You get an up close filtered beauty shot using hobby lobby fake flowers and foliage and what not...but when you pull away - you can clearly see it's in a hobby lobby...it's kind of hilarious. I'm doing a really horrible job explaining it...click the link below  - you've got to see it! 

    If you send one of these to me this weekend...I will send you a prize...mark my word. You now have weekend date night plans...photoshoot at hobby lobby! 

    Hobby Lobby Challenge