Missed out on those fancy eclipse glasses?

No worries!! You can actually MAKE something to safely watch the eclipse...

...and you can do it in just about 5 minutes!

Here's how:

Get a cardboard box big enough for your head and a little breathing room. Cut a hole for your head…so it fits comfortably. Tape a piece of white paper on the inside of the box - on the side you'll be facing. On the opposite side of the box, behind your head and ABOVE it enough so your head won't be in the way, cut a small square in the box and tape a piece of foil over the square. Then, poke a hole in the foil with a pin. Then, tape the box shut so light won't leak in and keep your back to the sun…point the foil toward the sun and watch the eclipse dance across the paper! 


- Eric & Heather