“flamin hot cheetos



ACTION!! [zoom-out from a tight-shot on bowl of Cheetos]

That's the only scene I can imagine for a movie based on the  beloved Flamin' Hot Cheetos movie. ...mmhm! Yes, there's gonna be a movie! Don't believe me? CHECK IT OUT HERE ...And no, this isn't a joke. It actually sounds like a good rags-to-riches biopic of a janitor at a Cheeto facility, that created the Flamin' Hot products. So, before this turns out to seem like an endorsement - which it IS NOT! - the question begging to be asked is: 

- If there was a movie to be made about you & your life; What actor/actress would play you?

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((since Dom DeLuise is no longer with us, I'd say mine would probably be... Jonah Hill...?!?))