"What's got your goat?" ...I've never understood that expression 100%... Now, your goat, or friendly goat farmer, can have your old Christmas tree! It's been a recent growing trend, where farmers (or is it "herders"?) are welcoming your tannenbaum effigy discards, versus a voyage destined for a wood-chipper. - Just LOOK at how many goats there are!

So; call up a local goat farmer, goat herder, or whatever they go by (just never call 'em a nerf herder) and ask! Typically, or so I've been told, they're pretty stoked for the free feed for their flock! (or is it herd?) :sigh: semantics  ...If you're curious, take a look at 'em go, below!

...and because now, for some reason to me, watching goats eat Christmas trees has suddenly become hilarious, so here's a bonus vid: