::typed while listening to the track "Easier"fromManic Drive::

Tea for ONEI love the fact that we, (psssst, that includes YOU reading this, too!)  as a family, can reach out to each other and just... vent...? our frustrations of life. Recently, in my own life & from my Air1 fam, it seems like there's a theme. A spike of struggles, fights ...discord - Whatever the word is that correlates to "frustrations" you're going through in your life. It was after several recent conversations that led to the following. As I realized it's not just one or twenty people that've been clobbered by this Mack truck of emotion, I thought it could possibly be helpful. Sharing lessons learned up to this point. At least from my end. (and keep in mind, this is between friends, I'm no theologian! ...I'm still trying to figure it out, just like everyone else.)

"I don't exactly have the greatest relationship with my family. It's been rocky over the years but my parents, especially my dad, have grown colder towards me... I'm just getting tired of not being treated like family"  - Anonymous

That's tough. Agonizing. And I'm sorry if that's what you've been going through. It makes my heart hurt for you. BUT! (And yes, there's always a "but"  ) - The experience you can gain from this frustration & hurt, can teach you invaluable lessons, on & with adversities all throughout life ...if you let it! So if you will, read on, and hopefully absorb this as encouragement as we're going forward; Class is in session: Use it! Learn from it! Why? Because this won't be the only, solitary, singular, isolated situation in life where you'll have "run-in's" with someone that doesn't see eye-to-eye with you, or where you're feeling you've been/you're being treated poorly. Rebel against the human-side that's very existent in every single one of us mouth-breathers! As hard as it seems in the moment; Learn from it!  Embrace it as an exercise in patience, love, and grace. (And advanced apologies on plagiarizing Jesus) We have the handbook for what yields the best results in the end; Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If they smack ya on one cheek, let them hit the other too. If they take your shirt, let 'em have your shoes..."Do to others as you would have them do to you” ...Jesus also gave us a great example on how to respond when we have people shouting all sorts of things at us, or about us - it's in John 8:6 where He stood there silent, knelt down and drew in the dust with his finger. -- I don't know about you?!? But THAT is the ultimate example of restraint... honestly, a frequent exercise I'm still trying to master!! So all that to convey the easy-out of saying, "Hang in there" with a gif of that kitty dangling from a wire. But sincerely: Hang in there. Use the notes from class. From the lessons. Don't let it turn you bitter & resentful. Because, I mean, as far as I've learned up to this point; bitterness is like a tea. Steeped, soaked and incredibly potent! And it's 100% up to us, to choose yea-or-nay, if we're gonna sip it up, all pinky out-like. Hanging on to things & choosing to sip from that teacup is absolutely awful!! Best option, don't even let it to brew! ���� ...a tea party of one, is NO FUN!