For chocolate lovers, "inhale" is a pretty common verb for those of us that can snarf it down, FAST!

...Or is that only me after a bad day?? ...O.K., any-given chocolate-deserving day! (sheesh!)

Well, if you truly wanna inhale your cocao; yeh. It's now a thing! This Cuh-RAZY new inhalable chocolate's debuted in the U.S. of A. ...and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it!? -- Honestly, it looks like a pack of Swiss-Miss hot chocolate. So technically it's not "new."

I mean, I'm down with the "old-fashioned" way of inhaling chocolate, piece-by-piece while watching a "good-cry" movie. But I guess if ya don't got's the time... enjoy???

Check this out if you want more! <-- clickity-click the link

((I wonder how long you "taste" it?? I mean; This can't legitimately be good for the "long-term" chocolate snooting fans, right??))