Air1 Positive Hits

  • They'll ALWAYS Text You Back

    Monday, July 10, 2017

    I'm sure we've all got that "one" friend that we text, and they never text you back..?! (a lot of the times, I AM the friend!) ...But now you'll always have a true-boo, companion, that'll pop you back a text, with zero drama or obligation!

    So get this, San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art is all artsy-fartsy in the digital age. And since it'd take you about 4 days to see everything if you went, they'll now send you what you wanna see; to your phone!!

    All you gotta do is pop a text to SF-MOMA's short-code 57251  with a text including the phrase "Send Me _____ " ...followed by: your mood, a color, hankering or whatever specific you want to see; and BAM!!

    Here's what I got after texting, "Send me 'a party'"


    ...kinda nailed it! I guess?! Not the party I was hoping to get. Buuuuut, ok?!

    Try it out! What did you get back??

    A NEW Chocolate to Inhale

    Monday, June 19, 2017

    For chocolate lovers, "inhale" is a pretty common verb for those of us that can snarf it down, FAST!

    ...Or is that only me after a bad day?? ...O.K., any-given chocolate-deserving day! (sheesh!)

    Well, if you truly wanna inhale your cocao; yeh. It's now a thing! This Cuh-RAZY new inhalable chocolate's debuted in the U.S. of A. ...and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it!? -- Honestly, it looks like a pack of Swiss-Miss hot chocolate. So technically it's not "new."

    I mean, I'm down with the "old-fashioned" way of inhaling chocolate, piece-by-piece while watching a "good-cry" movie. But I guess if ya don't got's the time... enjoy???

    Check this out if you want more! <-- clickity-click the link

    ((I wonder how long you "taste" it?? I mean; This can't legitimately be good for the "long-term" chocolate snooting fans, right??))

    Free Nuggets for a Year!

    Thursday, April 13, 2017

    You don't know him. But you can totally help break a world record!

    I don't know Carter Wilkerson. But I'm willing to guess he's a wishful-lad, probably on a budget, and has a sense of humor. He decided to see what Wendy's would say, if anything at all, by tweetin 'em to see what it'd take to get some free food lovin'... AND THEY REPLIED!! With a pretty hefty challenge. They'll give him a years worth of chicken nuggets, free, IF; he gets 13 MILLION retweets on Twitter!

    Now in the short history of Twitter & the re-tweet game, Ellen's Oscar celeb-crowd pic has the record with 3+ million RE's... so I'm saying', Why NOT help him out?!

    Dude asked. Wendy's replied with a mic drop. Challenge accepted! ...Good luck, Carter! (If it happens, I got a good friend that's a cardiologist!)