• Finger Lickin' Good... Valentine?

    Monday, February 12, 2018

    Nope. That's not a typo up there. Of all the various things we "love", fried chicken's easily up there on my list. - [ENTER KFC]

    Which I believe this is a first... You can show your love for your valentine(s) with chicken-scented scratch-and-sniff Valentine cards! ::cue celebratory brass horns::

    Is it weird, that I'prefer to just send 'em to myself & keep them?!

    Say I Love You With... Golden Meat?

    Thursday, February 08, 2018

    Calling all ballers-on-a-budget!

    What better way is there to showcase the passion for your beloved, than by lavishing a gold and diamond encrusted ring, costing about $12 G's... for FREE! <-- my favorite word!!

    ....Oh, and I forgot to mention, it'd be in the artistic stylings of... A Big Mac.  (o_0)  Yep. For reals! ~ (((I guess diamonds, and now Big Mac's, are a "forever" thing!?))) ...But time is running out to have your shot!

    Can't Sleep? Fail-safe, Meaty, Soundtrack

    Monday, February 05, 2018

    For millions of Americans, sleep can be tough to wrestle! ...well, just to be clear, sleep isn't the tough part: the act of actually "getting" to sleep is tough for a whole lot of us!

    This fresh discovery doesn't require a new mattre$$ - no trips to doctors for sleep-aides... Look no further than - BACON!! Yeah!! That's way better, in my opinion!

    THE SKINNY: Simply, the sizzle-pop-and-splatter that is the soundtrack of any kitchen cooking-up some tasty bacon, isn't just enticing, but, also soothing! For reals! Like wave-machine & rainfall soundtracks, "Sleep Doctors" say cooking meat has the same effect. ...and equally excited for this discovery! -- PLUS! Now your vegan friends can finally enjoy bacon, without the guilt!! Skip counting sheep and just click play on the vid

    Sleep tight and use with caution! ...Don't wanna cause midnight snack-attack issues!!